A Message from FAT FRIDAY:

We are super excited to host everyone TONIGHT in the Virtual Realm on Spatial Chat.

This is your link to gain access for the event.  The website / platform is somewhat intuitive, so play around a bit.  You can change the room you are in by clicking on the name of the room in the menu on the right of the screen.

How to make your image bigger or smaller ?

You can make yourself bigger or smaller by magnifying the screen (as you would on any image or page).  In the lower right there is also an up/down arrow to help magnify or make smaller.

What is the best hardware and software to use for best user experience ?

A desktop or laptop is suggested for best experience, as is using CHROME as the browser.  If you have any questions, the Raffle & Help Room is where to go to ask questions.

How do I find my friends?

If you are looking for a friend, you can use the search icon to search by their name, if you find their name in a room, you can click their name and be magically transported next to them.  

How do I hear the music or a friend to talk ?

You drag your personal video bubble closer to what it is you want to hear one the screen. When you are next to someone or a group of folks you can hear each other, when you are further away from someone, they are more faint. If you want to hear the music in the main room or the DJ Rooms, you should move your icon closer to the main video image.

How do you move within a room ?

Scroll over your icon/image, click and grab it and simply move around with your mouse.  Like you are grabbing and moving any item on a computer. Scroll over, press and grab, and move anywhere within a room.

How do you move between rooms ?

One way is to click the name of the room in the menu on the right.  A 2nd way is to find someone in the room, a friend, and click on their name.  

Can I buy raffle tix at the event ?

Yes, in the Raffle & Help room, there will be a QR code.  Point your phone camera at the QR code and your phone should go to the Fat Friday Square Page to purchase raffle tix.  Raffle prizes include free GA admission to 2022 Fat Friday, a drinking tab for FF 22, other prizes as well as the grand prize is a VIP Table for 2 at the FF 22.

Can I donate funds at the event ?

Yes, in most rooms, there will be a QR code pinned and also in the chat. Point your phone camera at the QR code and your phone should direct to the Fat Friday Square page to make a donation.  If you click the hyper link it should open a new tab on your computer for you to donate.  Or send us a donation via paypal  to

Is there a Costume Contest this year ?

Yes !  There is a Fashion & DJ Douggie Style room.  We have costume judges bopping around the event.  You can wait for one to find you, or you can go to the Fashion & DJ Douggie Style Room and find one there.  They will pick four finalists that will be invited to a special zoom that will be hilighted in the Main Event room towards the end of the evening’s event.  

 What happens if I freeze or the screen doesn’t load ?

You should try to leave the Spatial site and re-enter, and/or reload the page.

What if the event doesn’t open or takes forever to load?

Make sure you are on Wifi (or event, better, on a wired connection!); use Chrome or Firefox for best results!

What if I hear weird echo or feedback?

Make sure to mute all other microphones except for the one in the event!